How a Morning Amazonian Sunrise Hack Took Me from 200+ All the Way to 149! 

WITHOUT restrictive Dieting or Intense Exercise 


My mom once said: "Your body will never be the same after having kids"

Those words stuck with me for the following 40 years! 😔


As soon as I had children, there was my excuse why I struggled keeping the pounds off.


I never blamed the chocolate, coffee and ice cream I enjoyed daily.

I tried everything and nothing worked...

I watched my mother pass due to poor eating habits, obesity, diabetes and much more.


You'd think that would've been a wake up call to get a grip and get my life back on track. Right!


It got to the point where walking across the room to the refrigerator would have me gasping for air.


Not to mention the excruciating pain in my ankles due to the swelling...


I had to get to that refrigerator for my ice cream and all the other junk I shouldn't be eating!


What had I become? Was I destined to follow in my mother's footsteps? 


Was there anyone or anything that could help me?


I felt lost, alone and ashamed

I was desperate and hopeless until the day I was just scrolling through Facebook 

and saw this video about this 2022 Breakthrough Amazonian Discovery that was causing the medical community a frenzy...


I'm an eternal skeptic, but something about it must have caught my eyes because 

I ended up watching it.


At first, I thought to myself that "nothing could be this easy..." But I felt that it 

wouldn't hurt to give it a try.


I get teared up whenever I think about how grateful I am that I learned this little secret.


I call it a secret because if everyone knew we didn’t have to work out an hour a 

day, or fast, or eat nothing but kale chips, the fitness and diet community would be out of business!

My husband and I have never been closer! And here I am in my NEW ME.


To be honest,

I am still AMAZED

when looking in the mirror

People I haven’t seen in a while do a double-take when they see me. 


I have so much more confidence today, and I enjoy shopping for clothes 

(instead of feeling dread)


I'm Meghan!

I'm 47, 5'5" and Just Reached 149... 

After YEARS of Being at 200+!



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